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The Office for Budget Responsibility selects Invotra as their preferred intranet provider

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) was created in 2010 to provide independent and authoritative analysis of the UK’s public finances and it is one of a growing number of official independent fiscal watchdogs around the world. 

The OBR team is small, comprising of only 35 staff members, but as its staff numbers have grown by over two-fold since its establishment, so has its need for an intranet.

In April 2019, the OBR selected Invotra as their preferred intranet provider.

The OBR’s contract with Invotra is for one year and is now live, having launched in late August. As part of its service, Invotra has provided hands-on, interactive webmaster training for employees over a two-day workshop.

"We’re delighted to be the newest Government organisation on the Invotra platform. Having never built an intranet before, Invotra have been extremely supportive through the process of creating our content and intranet structure from scratch."
Harriet Price
Harriet Price
Digital Communications and Strategy Lead, OBR

As the OBR did not previously have an intranet solution, they were looking for a platform that met the following requirements:

– The ability to house and share policies, notices and HR-related information across the organisation
– Improve efficiency for employees when searching for, and storing, documentation and information
– Social aspects such as profiles that would allow employees to connect and get to know each other as the organisation scales

Some of the main factors that stood out and influenced the OBR’s selection of Invotra include:

– Invotra specialising in, and supplying to, many government organisations
– Security cleared staff
– Understanding the OBR’s industry, their challenges and requirements

As part of Invotra’s service, OBR is receiving:

– Managed intranet and portal services, including single sign-on
– A live service desk from 7am-7pm with 24/7 high priority incident management
– A dedicated service manager, including service reporting and monthly reviews
– A dedicated account manager
– Monthly product meetings, including input in to Invotra’s roadmap
– Shared costs across government meaning any commissioned work that Invotra carries out is made immediately available to all other customers at no extra cost
– Access to Invotra’s exclusive GOV.invotra portal and an invite to Invotra’s quarterly PanGovernment meetings, both of which are extremely useful for communicating, collaborating and sharing best practice with other central and local government departments

"It’s fantastic to welcome The Office for Budget and Responsibility to our ever-growing community of government customers. We’re looking forward to supporting OBR in developing an intranet that improves efficiencies and promotes collaboration across the organisation."
Paul Zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman
COO, Invotra