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Jake Galvin - apprenticeship case study 

Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship

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Jake Galvin began his level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship with Invotra in July 2018

When I left college I went on to pursue an art foundation degree. I had always had a propensity for the creative arts – having taken an almost entirely creative subject-load at A-level – and it had always seemed to me that any career I was going to reach my potential in was going to be one which utilised this skill set in some way.

After I completed my art foundation I faced a decision on what I wanted my next step to be. As much as I had enjoyed studying art and getting to pursue my creative interests every day, it wasn’t something which I felt would help me get where I wanted to go in life; it was this decision that led me to a discussion with my parents about apprenticeships.

Initially, it was the fact that I would be learning on the job which held the most appeal for me. Having always found difficulty with the rigidity of the learning structure in school and college, the idea of being able to learn by practical application, and to learn in a way where I would be able to see the impact of the work I was doing in a real-world scenario, was something which set apprenticeships apart for me.

I decided to go into digital marketing as I felt that it was an area which best suited my natural strengths of writing and art (a big part of my role now being content writing), and also because I had always been interested in marketing in general, in trying to understand what consumers want, and then being able to deliver a campaign which capitalises on these needs.

So far, my apprenticeship has exceeded all of my expectations, I have had the opportunity to work on a huge range of really interesting projects with a lot of really talented people. I have been exposed to a lot of different aspects of marketing and my job role has really expanded over the last 6 months to incorporate the multitude of new skills which I have learned.

I am still very early on in my career, and there is definitely a huge amount I have yet to learn, but I feel that being at Invotra is going to provide me with the environment that I need to develop the most as a professional.

I have a lot of goals for the next year, the most notable being to complete my apprenticeship, but on top of this, I want to continue to expand my knowledge base and responsibilities across the department in order to be able to begin to specialise and find the area which I can excel the most in.

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