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HM Government G-Cloud supplier

Invotra’s relationship with the UK Government has gone from strength to strength. In just five years, Invotra has gained a share of over 47% of the total end user base of civil servants in UK Central Government.

Our digital workplace gives local authorities, and their work forces, the applications and communication tools to work smarter and can be used to drive service efficiencies. 

Not only this, but Invotra has also recently established its US presence and stands ready to apply their vast experience to US Government Departments in order to help them replicate the successes attained by their UK counterparts.

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As a membership organisation, your success comes from collaboration, participation and your members sharing their ideas through strong relationships. Your current members need the tools and applications to ensure that this can be done efficiently and securely, and any potential members want to see that investing in your organisation will be beneficial, with a digital workplace in place to allow them to share in your continued achievements.

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Corporations succeed by ensuring that they successfully meet all current demands and performance targets while embracing a forward planning, fear-free approach to the challenges and disruption to the future. Understanding both your existing challenges for your core business and any changes you need to undertake is all part of an Invotra digital evolution.

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