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Content targeting

Ensure your users never miss what's important to them

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Find and engage with each of your users individually, and deliver the information they need

Our content targeting features provide your communicators and content authors the tools to reach the right people every time, and to make the content they share engaging and relevant. 

Whether you need to share information with teams, or with specific employees across a number of locations, with Invotra’s content targeting features your employees will always be up to date on all of your organisation’s developments. 

This time it's personal

Your employees want to make to the most of their valuable, and often limited, time. When it comes to their intranet, having to view a cluttered digital workplace full of content that isn’t necessarily relevant to them is an inefficient use of their time.

Ensure that your intranet delivers your essential organisational messages to all of your workforce whilst avoiding overloading them.

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Intranet design - Templates

The information that matters

Our content widgets have the option to apply the targeting settings applied by publishers. Pages of the intranet, such as the homepage, can be set to display content personalised by location, job role and team so that users only see content relevant to them.

Content targeting features

Find the people you need to talk to, wherever they are.

Teams and roles

Direct communications to specific teams and job roles. Simply create the content and select the teams or roles you are looking to target in the editing page.

Locations and regions

In a large organisation with abundant content to store and display, content targeting is vital in allowing users to feel their experience of your intranet is personal. Direct location or regional based content at those it matters to.

Enterprise-wide updates

Internal communicators, knowledge managers, and content editors can push essential organisational messages to all of your workforce. Having removed any unnecessary and irrelevant content, these vital communications will be heard loud and clearly.