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Invotra cuts through the noise of the modern workplace, uniting the diverse and expansive enterprise landscape through our secure, flexible cloud solution. Our intranet and portal features have been designed with every user in mind, with an emphasis on giving your users the tools they need so that they can focus on what’s really important.

Intranet Design

Create the design and user experience that reflects your brand and values

Social Intranet

Share. Engage. Collaborate. Build.


Seamlessly connect your applications

People Directory

Putting your people at the heart of your organisation

Intranet Portal

Expanding the potential of your intranet

Mobile Working

Responsive, secure access on any device, anywhere and any time

Content Management

The smart way to create, edit and manage your content

Content Targeting

Ensure your users never miss what's important to them


The power to make data-based decisions, using real-time data

Intranet Security

Fail-safe features and processes that protect your people and information

Publishing Model

Work more efficiently by sharing responsibility across your organisation

Key topics


Ensuring 100% of your users have a great experience


Creating effective team working across all locations and roles

Information management

Deliver the right information to the right people


Facilitate effective and engaging communications throughout your organisation


Our world-class, scalable and secure intranet platform allows you to focus on what's really important