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Invotra Intranet

Everything you need to become a more
productive enterprise

Product features including message wall posts, news widgets, the wysiwyg, group posts and broadcasts

Create a useful and usable experience
that's totally yours

Invotra’s product features connect your people, information and communications in a beautifully functional way. When the controllers of content configure with clarity and the content creators produce with confidence, engaging experiences flow out to your readers and contributors.

Our features will turn your intranet into a continuous cycle of mutually beneficial interactions and conversations that drive change and progress.

Intranet Features

Intranet Design

Customise the design and user experience to reflect your brand and business values

Social Intranet

Quickly establish a culture of openness, collaboration and real personalities


Remove the disjointedness and distractions with a single source of productivity

People Directory

Make people available based on the need to know info, like skills and locations

Intranet Portal

Expand your reach and potential by giving access to those outside your enterprise

Mobile Working

Securely reach the people and information you need wherever you are

Content Management

Designed to keep content relevant and compelling as well as share the load

Enterprise Search

Find the knowledge you need direct from an ever-present workbar

Content Targeting

Give the right information to the right people based on their role, team and location


Let informed decision-making benefit everyone in your enterprise

Intranet Security

Fail-safe features and processes that protect your people and information

Publishing Model

Increase the quality of your content by distributing publishing powers

Outstanding performance in the areas
that matter to your enterprise


Ensuring 100% of your users have a great experience


Effective team working across
all locations

Information management

Deliver the right information to the right people


Easily engaging and interacting with everyone


Our intranet connects your information to your people so they can focus on doing their best work.