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Intranet design

Beautifully functional and completely yours

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Great intranet design is essential for engagement, adoption and all-round success. Invotra gets out of your way and gives you the tools to implement your branding and establish your user experience.

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Our branding tools make adding and amending your brand assets simple. From logos to fonts, wallpapers and widgets, to menus and footers, it takes minutes to create a familiar feeling for users. To make a change, access administration in the workbar and do it yourself without the need for costly external resources like developers.

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Interaction design

Make work more satisfying with the CMS and intranet design tools that are clear, simple and fast to use.

Intranet design - layouts


Choose the layouts that suit your content, whether you want something image-led, text-led or if it’s all about videos and social feeds.

Intranet design - Templates


When you’re happy with your designs; create, save and share templates with publishers to establish that all-important consistent style.

Intranet design widgets to apply to each section


Arrange where your content lives and how it looks. Widgets will keep your intranet fresh as they update whenever you publish something new.

Always accessible

Great user experiences for 100% of your employees.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

Invotra is committed to supporting customers to be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA compliant.

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Publishing powers

Our administration and CMS are expertly designed so publishers create and edit content that is accessible to all.

Your intranet on your terms

Information architecture

Make navigating your intranet clear, quick and uplifting. From the main menu onwards, take control over what lives where and how everything is expressed. If anything changes in structure or titling, reflect it instantly and without extra costs. Whether it’s informational or task-based, we can work with you to perfect your IA.

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Your intranet should be just that, yours. Configure everything from job titles to hobbies, and whether or not you want people to add aliases to their profile. Basically, all of the smaller details that add up to make your intranet resonate. From office to online, on your terms and using your terms, your intranet will be your true digital HQ.

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Book a demo

To talk to us about your intranet or internal communications needs, or to book a demonstration of Invotra, simply fill in the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.