Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Intranet Data:
Driving Engagement and Productivity

Brendan Carikas

By taking all opportunities to gather and utilise the wealth of data available, organisations gain valuable insights to enhance productivity and drive engagement. One of the most commonly overlooked sources of business intelligence data lies within the enterprise intranet. Within this digital hub there is a vast array of information that can be extracted to unlock valuable insights, understand employee sentiment and propel success.

Discovering Your People:

An intranet people directory serves as a rich source of information about employees, teams, and locations. This data, surrounding the skills, interests, and expertise of employees, can contribute to effective team building, cross-departmental communication, and support targeted talent management initiatives.

Unleashing Social Apps:

Social apps embedded into the intranet, such as Groups, Message Wall, Ideas, and Queries, encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees. 

By analysing the data from these apps, emerging trends can be identified so that you can gain insights into how employees are engaging with the organisation and each other. This can help create targeted training programs, mentorship initiatives and harness employees’ strengths so that efficient teams are developed.

Tracking User Activity:

An intranet acts as a central hub for information and knowledge, providing employees with essential information, on any device from any location.

Tracking analytics across the intranet can help assess the user experience of your intranet and the effectiveness of your communications.  Using the available business intelligence to identify the most popular content types and layouts can also inform enhancements to create engaging resources that are useful for employees to succeed in their roles.

Connecting your workforce:

Tapping into the vast data available within the enterprise intranet, allows organisations to unlock a multitude of benefits including:

The enterprise intranet is not just a platform for communication and collaboration, but a tool filled with valuable data that’s waiting to be optimised to fuel organisational success.

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