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Our monthly round-up of Invotra’s latest news for January 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Invotra news. We hope that you had a great Christmas break and are all set for 2019.

This month, we’re pleased to announce another new local authority customer, Stevenage Borough Council, has launched its new Invotra intranet, called ‘MySBC’. 

We’ve also included another insightful blog from our guest blogger and accessibility expert, Léonie Watson, surrounding ‘Why is HTML so important to accessibility?’.

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New Council customer launches its Invotra intranet service to 750 employees

Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) has introduced its new Invotra intranet, called MySBC, for users at Daneshill House headquarters and Cavendish Road Depot.

In an innovative move, SBC and East Herts Council co-procured the services of Invotra to establish new intranet access through cross-collaboration.

Richard Protheroe, Assistant Director for Corporate Services and Transformation, Stevenage Borough Council said: “Our employees can’t wait to get quick and easy access to up-to-date information which helps them provide great services for the people and organisations within Stevenage. In particular, for employees who are largely off site and don’t have a desk or computer, like refuse collectors, they can now access the intranet on their mobiles anytime and anywhere.”

Read the full press release here

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Why is HTML so important to accessibility?

You often hear people say that HTML is important for good accessibility, and then say that using div and span elements to re-create HTML elements is harmful to accessibility.

At first, this doesn’t make any sense. Div and span elements are HTML after all. To find out the reason why these two statements are both true, we need to understand something of how accessibility works in the browser.

Read the full blog here

Blogs that might interest you

Here’s a roundup of some of our latest blogs. 

1. Following up on a recommendation, Reading Borough Council first approached Invotra in September this year, and after some efficient and decisive discussions, Reading soon confirmed Invotra’s appointment as its preferred intranet provider. Find out more here: Reading Borough Council appoints Invotra to provide its new intranet platform

2. An issue for any organisation when it comes to increasing employee engagement is how to incentivise good work without having to use monetary rewards. Find out more here: The secret to employee engagement

3.  It was recently announced that Invotra has decided to give each employee 2 extra days off per year – ‘life days’. Find out more here: Why my organisationhas given every employee 2 extra days off per year – Life days

Thanks for reading – we’ll be back with Invotra news in February.