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How scalable is your current intranet?

For any organisation, it’s highly important to have a digital workplace that meets your organisational demands. You need to have an intranet that will grow as your enterprise grows.

At Invotra, our services have features and functionalities that are scalable. Delivering intranet and portal services to hundreds of thousands of users every day, we’ve made sure that our product delivers.

We recognise the concerns and hurdles that organisations face when it comes to scalability. Our cloud-hosted intranet will scale with the needs of your organisation. Increasing user numbers, volume of content or high concurrent usage will not affect performance, owing to our dedicated DevOps team who have developed a scalable, robust cloud-based architecture on which to host Invotra.

For example, our Distributed Publishing feature is fantastic for large organisations that want to manage their users (and the content that those users see) easily.

Here you can see the users who have access to the Human Resources content and their roles. This allows the editing capability to be completely controlled and managed by the HR team, allowing you to scale up efficiently.

guidelines screenshot

This feature makes delegating publishing responsibilities and publishing permissions across your organisation quick and simple.

For intranet managers, targeted content ensures your users have access to up-to-date information that is relevant to them, rather than having a cluttered intranet full of things that confuse, overwhelm and waste time.

Roles and permissions

When it comes to creating site sections, you can apply layouts that are used company-wide. This means that all of your users will see the same thing. For example, your intranet’s homepage.

However, within those site sections, you can choose to add widgets that only certain teams/locations or role grades can see. For example, there will be projects that you want your sales team to see, that are of no use to your tech team.

LocalGov Screenshot

These capabilities are suitable for any size organisation but are particularly useful for bigger organisations that have larger demands and requirements when it comes to layout structuring and content management.

Major central government departments and thousands of their users rely upon our Invotra intranet services every day. If your current intranet is not fit-for-purpose and won’t scale to meet your future needs, contact us today and ask for a free assessment and recommendation.

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