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Everyone’s a Tester

Where would we be with without testing? I would say that it is one of the most important aspects in your life, let alone within business.

Everyone is a tester…but I imagine you are now trying to figure out how? Well…just think about your day to day life, you test the temperature of the water before you get into the shower in the morning, you even try clothes on before buying them and sometimes we have a bite of our friend’s food to test whether we might like it!

These are all perfect examples of how we are constantly testing things on a daily basis. So its even more important when it concerns a project or piece of work contributing to a bigger outcome.

Try to think of a random object, a pen for example. In the design process of that pen, they will have tested that it doesn’t spill ink over your hands, they will have tested that the pen is comfortable for most people to use and lastly that it works as desired!

Then after all of that they would make a prototype and have that tested too. In any product life cycle, testing is involved. Without testing how do you find the faults? That’s where I come in.

I joined iO1 in 2013, my first position in the company was in client services, I underestimated the role of a tester.

When I was in this department I would get annoyed with the testers because they would delay the progress of my clients’ tasks due to errors with tasks.

Back then I didn’t realise just how much the testing of our work is vital to the business, I say back then as if it was 10 years ago but it really does feel like that. Being a tester has changed the way I think. Now when I see a homepage of a site, I think ‘Okay, that text is not the correct size. Create a task’.

As a tester, my job is to break or at least try to break the work that the developers have produced. If I can’t break it, then ‘hats off’ to the developer.

If I can… well, the developer will be tasked with improving and ensuring it is a more reliable solution to the previous attempt. I will test an issue (if I need to) again and again until its perfect! They don’t call me a quality assurer for nothing you know!

My job is to have keen eyes and spot the mistakes. It’s not about telling the developers they haven’t done something right and they need to make changes; which don’t get me wrong, it’s a great feeling when you see something wrong, you know in the bigger picture, that if you didn’t spot the problem then it would impact the business in some way.

It may be that it could cost the business money because you haven’t spotted the fault in time to get it fixed as quickly as possible, or it may affect the reputation.

At Invotra we aim to have the best reputation in testing, as ‘Test Lead’ I am passionate to make sure that I and my fellow testers are doing our jobs well and to the best of our abilities in order to iron out any potential mistakes and issues that might end up costing our clients and even ourselves.

At the end of the day, testing is everything. Testing impacts you as a person and the quality of yours and others lives. Even the business world is affected, the thought of something being published or produced without testing is not a recipe for success.

Anyone can make a mistake, it could be minimal and maybe you bought the wrong size shoe because you didn’t try it on or it could be dangerous like not testing that your airbags are switched on when you get into a car.

Keep testing and always think how and who it will impact you if you don’t, because 9 out of 10 times it will always get back round to you!

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